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Gainesville Sports Therapy


Welcome Athletes!

Experience Optimal Performance

Gainesville Sports Therapy is a brand new branch of Aspire Counseling located in downtown Gainesville, FL. Neurofeedback, EEGs, and Brainspotting services are available to High School and Collegiate level athletes!

To learn more about the services offered in Gainesville, visit the website tabs on Neurofeedback and Brainspotting. We use Myndlift software for Brain Mapping and linear neurofeedback. We also utilize NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback for a more dynamic approach for promoting neuroplasticity and resilience in the brain. 


Neurofeedback and Brainspotting have been proven to help heal previous sports-related trauma as well as promote peak performance. So whether you are dealing with overcoming an injury or just want your brain to function at its best, we can help!

To book an appointment, hit the "book now" button to book with Laura or feel free to email us. 

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