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Attention Deficit (and/or Hyperactivity) Disorder

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder or (ADD) include; overlooking or missing details, difficulty listening when spoken to, having difficulty following through with instructions at school or work, having organizational issues, regularly losing things, easily distracted by unrelated thoughts or stimuli, forgetful. If you also suffer from the following symptoms then you may be dealing with ADHD. Symptoms include; fidgeting or squirming when sitting, unable to stay in your seat, running or climbing when the situation is inappropriate for such activities, feeling restless, unable to engage in activities quietly, and talking nonstop.


In order to be properly diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, you may want to visit your doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Depending on the case, ADD and ADHD can be best treated using a combination of medications and psychotherapy. If you have a history of trauma, psychotherapy could help alleviate symptoms of ADD or ADHD if symptoms are directly related to the trauma experienced.


Here at Aspire, we often use Brainspotting, CBT, play therapy, and other expressive therapies to treat ADD and ADHD. 


Clients also often use our NeurOptimal® brain training system! Brain training creates neuro-flexibility which can help with focus, concentration, and overall brain function!

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