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What is a "brainspot?"

A "brainspot" is an eye position that correlates with a part in the human brain that holds traumatic material.

What's going on inside of our brains is directly asociated with where we focus our eyes. Whenever we visually scan our surroundings for information, we're also scanning our brain for our own thoughts, ideas and emotional responses. At times, we may also be scanning our brain to find where repressed memories and feelings are stored.

By targeting the brain in a specific eye position, the brain is able to discover, dislodge and release trapped energy in the body so that it no longer causes issues. As the Brainspotting processing ensues, trauma is released and healing immediately occurs deep within the unconscious mind. This type of treatment is highly effective and efficient. It benefits everyone but especially those with complex trauma and even moreso Athletes with trauma and performance-related anxiety. 

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