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NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback®

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How can brain training help?

Stress management

Helps with sleep management

Builds brain resilience & flexibility

Promotes healthy living

Assists with weight loss goals

Promotes relaxation

Helps with focus and clarity

Improves concentration, problem solving & coordination 

Aids in reducing anxiety

Enhances learning capacity

Helps with sports anxiety

Can boost self-esteem

Keeps your brain fit

Promotes personal transformation

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Dynamical Neurofeedback® vs Linear Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal® Brain Training

No expertise required

No diagnosis

No check of signal integrity 

No monitoring needed. AutoNavigation takes care

Does not tell the brain what to do

Offers feedback on 20 different “targets” at once


Linear Neurofeedback

Expertise needed 

Diagnosis required

Careful hookup needed 

Use of treatment protocols

Careful monitoring of session while it is occurring; parameter

You shouldn’t need something to be wrong with you to train your brain. 


Who can benefit from Neurofeedback?

Everyone! Every brain is unique and with all that life throws at us, we could all benefit from a more flexible and resilient brain. Whether you suffer adverse emotional symptoms that impede optimal functioning or you want to simply improve your golf game, NeurOptimal® is for you. 

You don’t need to be an expert to get expert training

Expertise, if you can find it, can be expensive and your diagnoses may require contradictory protocols; your practitioner must get the choice right. If a practitioner makes the wrong decision, effects can be very unpleasant.

But what if there's a type of neurofeedback that isn't expensive and doesn't function according to diagnoses? What if there is brain training that doesn't require a practitioner to be involved in the process, possibly leading to unwanted, negative side effects? What if there's a type of neurofeedback you could even use at home?


There is! It's called NeurOptimal®! 

What is NeurOptimal® neurofeedback?

According to, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is Dynamical Neurofeedback®. Dynamical Neurofeedback® is a technology developed by Zengar® Institute. This type of neurofeedback is what is used in  NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback® training systems.


What is Dynamical Neurofeedback®?

According to, instead of a trainer providing specific protocols, as mentioned above, in Dynamical Neurofeedback®, the trainer does not interfere with the process. NeurOptimal® is designed to take advantage of the brain’s natural learning processes by encouraging the brain to function as originally designed, thus the brain makes changes by itself, without interference from a trainer. The result is increased flexibility and resilience in the brain. Brain flexibility or (neuroplasticity) allows the brain to change maladaptive patterns that are inhibiting optimal brain function. In other words, it can help your brain become more flexible, allowing you to see positive changes in the way you function!

Is NeurOptimal® safe and how many sessions are recommended?

Yes, NeurOptimal® is the safest type of neurofeedback around. Since it only relays information to the brain and allows the brain to intuitively adjust, there are no side effects and no maximum or minimum amount of times in a week that you can use it. There is not a set amount of sessions recommended since this kind of brain training doesn't use operant conditioning. You could do one session or 30 and still get results!

To learn more, visit and look under "Discover NeurOptimal®". Under that tab, you will see literature that will likely answer additional questions you may have. 

Visit our "what to expect" page to learn more about frequency, length, and cost of training in person. 

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