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What to Expect

Therapy Intake Session


The purpose of the first session is to get to know you and your story in order to create an optimal treatment plan. The therapist will use this session to gather as much information as possible to get a holistic picture of you. At the end of your intake session, the therapist will have a better picture of your specific case and can project better the length and frequency of treatment you will need. After the intake session, treatment will vary depending on issues being worked on and techniques that will be used.

NeurOptimal® Sessions

The initial session includes completing paperwork, completing necessary assessments, establishing goals, and a 33-minute NeurOptimal® session. Sessions thereafter include a 33-minute NeurOptimal® session. Every 15 sessions, you will meet with your trainer to assess progress. Frequency of treatment can vary from person to person. NeurOptimal® can be used one time or it can be used daily. Every brain is like a fingerprint. Your trainer can help you with a plan that works for you. For reference, the most common plan is twice a week for the first month and then tapering from there. See "plans and pricing" for more information on options.

Cost of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

Insurances accepted: Medicaid CO Access

45 minute session: $85

Insurances we accept for therapy include United Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid (CO ACCESS ONLY), Crime Victims Compensation, and Aetna


Services with Misty Hughes-Aletheuo, MA, LPCC

60-minute intake session: $130

50-minute individual therapy session: $130

Services with Kiera Pelletier, MA, LPCC and Madisyn Barnes, MA, LPCC

60-minute intake session: $110

50-minute individual therapy session: $110

Services with Gainesville Sports Therapy

Collegiate level athletes in Gainesville, contact us about benefits!

60-minute intake: $195

60-90 minute sessions $150-$195

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